Misr petroleum company is one of the largest petroleum products marketing companies has started in Egypt in 1911 under name of shell Egypt LTD and it became an Egyptian company in 1964. The company distributes its products through a large number of sales outlets (services stations and supply, distributed to all governorates of the republic. Be periodically updated to meet the competition stations with the latest technologies to keep pace with global development in this huge area and lifting operational efficiency and improve the general appearance, which reflects the satisfaction with adherence to the company.

The Company is Marketing the Following Products :

  • Major products different kinds of gasoline - diesel types - kerosene - fuel - fuel jets oil and greases of all kinds, other than raising to quality products.
  • Special products solam - toluene - double petrol - kerosene odorless - sulfur NAFTA - petrochemical - heptan - bitumen types - wax barfiny and steel
  • chemical products for home, agriculture and industrial.
  • mineral & synthetic oils and greases: all types of oils and lubricants for engines (gasoline and diesel)
The company owns a large number of main and sub depots (distributed all over the country), which gives the company the flexibility to supply the services stations and the customers insufficient quantities of petroleum products through the proper geographical distribution and the large storage capacity with an abundance of petroleum products in all parts of Egypt.

External Market :

Aviation: aircraft fueling service provided in all main airports in Egypt and covering the largest proportion of total needs of the Egyptian market. Bunkering: the company provides this service in all the Egyptian ports to supply ships and vessels in transit through its largest fleet of tankers. The company has also a research center to keep abreast of latest methods used to determine the global quality of what remained updated standards the company owns MANAR misr petroleum which is considered statues of radiation education, training and languages for all workers in the petroleum sector all over the republic. The company has lube oil and greases blending plant produces 113 kind of oils and 8 kinds of specialized greases with high degree of modern technology, which it is automatically operated and gives the company the capacity to blending and packaging for other companies. Focusing on the internal audit ISO system 14001, 18001 for all areas of the system have also been raising to issue ISO 14001\96 to 14001\2004. And joining to the state plan, which encourage exporting and opening new markets for the Egyptian products, the company focused on exporting its products through the huge efforts which been taken to make new exporting agreement to many Arab, African and European countries.


100 Years of Sustained Development
Misr Petroleum Co. is the oldest and prestigious oil firm serving the national economy of Egypt . It carried out its creative activity on the motherland since 1911.
At that time its name was Shell-Misr till 1964 when it was transferred to the public sector and had the honor of being named after the name of the motherland.

A few elderly Egyptians still remember the arrival of the first shipment of Kerosene at Alexandria Sea - port in early twentieth century. The event introduced an new fuel to replace coal, and led to the emergence of various Kerosene lamps that replaced edible oil lanterns.

The lights of the new lamps led the country to the threshold of the new era. Kerosene maintained its distinctive status for long years. When WWII erupted, 1939, the Ministry of Supply had to introduce the quota system to distribute it to consumers.

With the expansion of car numbers in the middle and late twentieth century gasoline was sold in 4-gallon tanks and in bulk through the manual pavement pumps. The horse – pulled carriages used to bring gasoline to refill the tanks of the pumps that were scattered at far distances.

With the increasing demand on the new fuels and the changes of the aspects of life in Egypt, the country made intensive effort to produce oil and cut down its imports.

In the first quarter of the twentieth century Egypt witnessed a highly important event, namely, the first flow of oil from Gamsa oil – field overlooking the red sea in 1910. this was followed by the launching of the first major dept in Alexandria in 1911 and the flow of oil from Hurghada oil field in 1913.

The first oil refinery was established in 1913. a major oil field was discovered is Raas Ghareb in 1938 . it was followed by several discoveries that enabled the country gradually to achieve self-sufficiency.

Over the long years various brands of fuels were development with different specifications and usages. Many depots and refueling stations were scattered nationwide and the means of storing and transporting products witnessed many developments.

Car service and refueling stations, depots and bunkers were initiated airports and seaports. The great technological development led to great development of fuels and lubricants and their additions. The service rendered to customers also developed from just technical consultation into integrated fully equipped centers. In addition , research center were established to carry out researches and studies and follow up the technological and scientific achievements worldwide.

And here we are in the 21st century and this great edifice is growing year after the other , and carrying out its strategic and social role in addition its economic role

Chairmen's Message

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Board of Directors

1 Abd El Hameed Abu Bakr
May 1964 - January 1968
2 Mohamed El Maghraby
January 1968 - January 1970
3 Mohamed Wageeh Kotb
January 1970 - September 1972
4 Mohamed Adl El Orabi
September 1972 - May 1974
5 Salah El Gebaly
May 1974 - October 1980
6 Mohamed El Hadad
October 1980 - April 1984
7 Ibrahim Hassan
April 1984 - July 1987
8 Mosaad El Habrook
July 1987 - April 1993
9 Farouk Abd El Aziz
April 1993 - April 1997
10 Salah Hasan
April 1997 - July 1998
11 Ahmed Fahmy
July 1998 - May 2000
12 Hady Fahmy
May 2000 - November 2003
13 Saied Kafafy
November 2003 - April 2005
14 Ibrahim Gohar
April 2005 - December 2006
15 Fathi Omara
December 2006 - December 2008
16 Yehia Mohamed Shanan
December 2008 - December 2011
17 Nasr Abo Elsod
December 2011 - March 2013
18 Saied Mostafa Kamel
March 2013 - February 2015
19 Mohamed Shaban Diab
February 2015 - December 2017
20 Hussien Fathe Ramadan
December 2017 - October 2020
21 Mohamed Shabaan Mohamed Abd El Aty
October 2020 - November 2022
22 Mohamed Maged Bakheet
November 2022 -

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