Lube oil blending plant in El Amriya consider one of the few factories in the Middle East which was specially designed to carry out the new international progress by using the high technology in the field of oil industrialization which was in 1996.
The industrialization process based in the automatic control systems which leads to the accuracy outgrowth according to the international specifications required in this field the company operates the blending process with two systems:

1- In Line Blending:

Blending via the in line blending system produces 56% from the total amount of production.
This system is inimitable to achieve the international products specifications by blending oil and additives at the same time of passing through the pipelines with the required proportion depend on controlling the simulating passing averages automatically.

2- Automatic Batch Blending:

Blending via the automatic batch blending system produces 44% from the total amount of production
This system of blending depend on blending oil and additives in a special batches provided with weight cells gauging with continuous steps controlled through high accurate programs monitored over screens in the control room through the PLC systems. The batches capacity rang between 10 to 30 tons.

The Two Plants of Lubricating Oils Blending and Greases Manufacture:
AMRIA Lubricating Oils Blending and Greases Manufacture Plant.

The plant production produces high quality lubricating oils and greases by 150,000 tons per year for lubricating oil and 1500 tons per year for lubricating greases and the company pays a lot of efforts to multiplication the produced quantity.

This plant produces 135 types of lubricating oils and 20 types of lubricating greases. All these types meet the higher levels of performances according to the best specifications all over the world.
API requirements are the leader control of performances levels of our high quality lubricating oils.
NLGI requirements are the leader control of performances levels of our high quality lubricating greases.
The production process in this huge plant is carried - out according to the best high accuracy control systems all over the world, leading to high quality controlled levels.

This plant produces lubricating oils and greases not only for Misr Petroleum Company but also for many other companies

MAFROZA Lubricating Oils Blending and Greases Manufacture Plant.

The plant production operation was started in 1982, and produces high quality lubricating oils and greases by 30,000 ton per year for oil lubricating and 500 ton per year for lubricating greases.

The Chemicals Production Division:

The company produces a number of chemical products in the form of various types of detergents and industrial purposes, as well as solvents and agricultural pesticides and insecticides.
We can rightly say that the quality of our products unique in this field is almost the only one in Egypt and in the Middle East that meet the all-purpose integrated in that important production.

1- ALMAX Chemical Factory:-

The rate of production of 1000 tons of solvents and detergents in production units, a unit of solvents production, a unit of detergents production and a unit of the trees spray oils production

2- ALAMRIA Chemical Factory:-

Production rate of up to 600 tons per year of pesticides. Also a factory producing the salfonic acid was opened by capacity of up to 2000 tons per year.

The Repairing Drums Factory:

The factory job is the reclamation and recycling of packaging and the different drums that meet the needs of the company from certain types of packages it also lead to cost savings and preservation of the environment from pollution and reducing waste and raising the rates of production.

The Plastic Small Cans Factory:

The production of plastic packages of high-density poly ethylene is 2.5 million cans per year at present. The later development of the productivity can be up to cover all the requirements of the company, rising to some 4000 tones of high-density poly ethylene.

Base Oils Storehouse Tanks Receiving for Misr Petroleum and Other Company:

The company receiving process of base oils of different kinds, either local base oils (from the production of oil refining companies, in Arab Republic of Egypt) or imported from abroad via supertankers, are not only for Misr Petroleum Company, but also for all companies working in the field of processing base oils in Egypt, this represents the largest movement for oil in Egypt and the Middle East by worth millions of dollars annually.
For this Rison, the company has a storage capacity in the major storehouse, network of pipeline, many pumps, and trucking fleets, each in three major areas in Alexandria port, ALMAX, and AMRIA.
We receive all base oil locally produced and imported in our storage tanks not only for our company but all companies working in this field in Egypt as well.

In line with the ministry of petroleum's ambitious and consistent policy aiming to keep up dated with international technological advancement, and assuring its role in Egypt's national economy and commitment of producing the highest quality blended lube oils, Misr petroleum company has implemented with great success the most advanced lube oil blended plant in the middle east.
This great implementation which was constructed on 100.000 m2 at Amriya demonstrates the Egyptian capabilities to design, manage, construct and operate large scale projects using the latest technology in the oil industry. The entire plant operation is fully automated and all the management and staff are highly trained and qualified individuals.
Misr Petroleum Company is a subsidiary of the Egyptian general petroleum organizations, and one of the greatest petroleum products marketing company in Egypt.
Misr Petroleum Company plays a major role in most of Egypt's large scale projects in

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various industrial equipment and machine. Besides chemical products needed for agriculture and irrigation, it also supplies fuel to major international airlines and shipping companies. All our products are based on International standers.
The project aims to produce 113 grades of different lubrication oils for the local market needs and exporting the surplus. The plant production capacity is 150.000 t/y (one shift).

Main Project Facilities :
Team work spirit and comprehensive harmony were the direct causes of the project success.
Important and decisive were made at the right time, e.g. soil replacement, pilling and early contracting of the tank age, allied with the management and coordination of exacting the three activities simultaneously without any interference or bottlenecks.
To ensure the continuous and efficient construction activity, quick supply of 65% of the bulk material and 80% of project equipment were delivered to site prior mobilization of the mechanical contactor the job site ensuring continuous and efficient construction activity.

Project Success Criteria :
we have one line link marine port and in Max storage tank and another one between Max and Amriya this pipeline is piggable.
  • Intermediate storage facilities at EL-MAX where the local and imported base oil are transferred to the lube oil blending plant via 8 piggable pipeline of 9.5km length.
  • Four pipeline to transfer local base oil from APRCO to the lube oil blending plant 1.6 km each with its pumping station and all related auxiliaries.
  • The lube oil blending plant at Amriya where oils are blending filled are ready for marketing.