Misr petroleum company since the beginning of it's activity in 1911 has given much attention to the training for it's importance in preparing and developing it's employees and prepare them to keep their progress in various fields of work.

In 1939 the company developed the first integrated system of vocational training and apprenticeships.

In 1955 was the establishment of a center for vocational training under the name of (workers training center in the service stations).

In 1956 was the establishment of (Manar Misr Petroleum) as a training center for managerial and vocational training for the company employees. that gathers theoretical and practical aspects and applications on an organized practical basis as well as specialized training programs for the VIP customers.

In 1964 Minister of Mining and Petroleum issued to use the possiblities and the valid experiences available in Manar Misr Petroleum for the implementation of the central training plans to cover the human development needs for a wide range of activities at the level of Egyptian and Arab petroleum sector, with continuing to provide training services for workers at Misr Petroleum Company and its VIP customers.

In 1992 Mr. Minister of Adminstrative Development issued directives to register Manar Misr Petroleum as a training center for training administrative leaders to post leadership positions in the petroleum sector, in implementation of law No (5) for the year 1991.

The Activity of Decentralized Training Sector:

Its activity based on training of more than 2000 trainees from MISR PETROLEUM empolyees and its VIP customers The decentralized training started its activity in training the arabian trainees since 1994 from countries such as (Yemen ,Saudi arabia.Kuwait and Qatar)
In Manar, there is a special building for the decentralized training including all the equipments, computer sets, high speed lans, and internet connections and its practical applications the building includes:-

  • Two courts for technical and administrative training.
  • Laboratory for training on computer and internet.
  • A court for training aids for technical and professional programs.

A hall for lubrication and moto service for practical training for workers in supply and service stations.

The Decentralized Training Assistant General Managment in EL MANAR the annual general plan for the training of the company employees concerning the development of their capabilities and upgrading their perfomance level and avoiding defecincies in their specializing ,leadership ,behavioral or professional through the implementation of a package of excellent training programs, which manage their sessions a number of experts ,trainers and specialized university professors.
Also It has been given a cerificate apporved by EL MANAR to the trainees at the end of each program.
The decentralized training is flexible enough to meet any emergency training needed during implementatio.

  • 46 training programs designed to identify the employees training needs , it is held in EL MANAR in accordance with company policies ,objectives and the training of the administrative and the technical programs implemented through a number of courses for each program according to the training needs of the company.
  • Training employees on local equipments inside and outside Petroleum Sector and outside Egypt.
  • Training employees from Arabian countries.
  • Training university students in the summer holyiday in the various aspects and the company activities.
  • Encouraging the employees to study in their leisure time to achive scientific degrees.
  • Organizing technical seminars for employees who are delegated to deal with VIP customers to know the properities of the petroleum products and methods of use.

Super vision over the industrial students who are trained in MISR PETROLEUM workshops in coordination with the ministry of industry training center to meet the permanent requirements of the company to train technical manpower.

Decentral Training Programs      PDF

The central training in EL MANAR based on training more than four thousands trainees annually of workers at various levels and specializations on the level of petroleum sector....

The department of general training authority of the Egyptian General Petroleum Co-orporation (EGPC) with co-opration with the general department of human resources development in EL MANAR, prepares the details of the annual plan of the Central Training for the programs planned to achieve, As well as the selection of instructors needed for their implementation as well, and coordination among the candidates to attend, and follow up the plan implementation.

The Central Training plan is currently 70 programs to be implemented through out more than 150 sessions from a week to two weeks.

These programs cover all the training needs of employees at the petroleum sector and for the Arab according to the rules set.

In advanced can be classified as following: -

  • Training programs to prepare leader positions for the level of general manager and general assistant manager in coordination with the SADAT ACADEMY for administrative sciences, regarding the implementation of law No. 5 1991.
  • Leadership training programs directed to the leader management and include 21 Program.
  • 59 distinct training programs included the supervised, general, specialized, and serving all petroleum sector workers.

Training programs for the development of English language skills includes three phases (elementary / intermediate / advanced), each phase includes four levels, and each level consists of two weeks each, in addition to 4 English conversation programs.

Central Training Programs      PDF

It's an activity based on studies and specialized research to develop the centralized and decentralized programs carried out in EL MANAR through studies and evaluation analysis prepared by the trainees at the end of each program ,besides the opinion of the experts and professors who run the training sessions in EL MANAR .

It also assists in publishing of scientific papers in the field of management and studying the new training requirements for Petroleum Sector.

  • Eight training courts and all of them are air conditioned and equipped with the latest audio-visual training aids.
  • Two courts for workshop.
  • A luxurious international conference hall, its capacity 100 person .joined with it four cabins for simultaneous translation to translate it into different four languages and equipped with the latest aids for showing movies and slides.
  • Two language labs with the capacity of sixty students designed according to the latest technology and supported with audio-visual aids
  • Four training courts for learning and developing the English language skills.
  • Practical training hall on cars greasing equipped with the visual aids and the training needs.
  • Twenty five double bed rooms for full accommodation ,air conditioned and equipped with TV set, refrigerator and joined with every room a private bathroom.
  • A salon for the residents in el Manar with TV, satellite and all the means of entertainment.
  • Kitchen and luxurious dinning hall for hot meals to the residents in EL MANAR.
  • A modern salon to receive the trainees in the leading programs in the break time and the participant guests in the various seminars, confrences and events.
  • A cafeteria and a garden with ornamental plants and shade trees ,with a large number of umbrellas and chairs to receive trainees during the rest periods.
  • Integrated Clinic to provide the health care for the trainees, visitors and expatriates.
  • A huge car park with an cover shelters ( fifty cars capacity).
  • Integrated library with references, scientific and literary books and also with the latest books in managerial and behavioral sciences.

El Manar Specification:

Manar Misr Petroleum is considered as a prominent and standard model at the Arabian and International level , most of the training centers followed its regulations,training styles , developed management and old-age traditions , which had been stablished since 1956.

El Manar Training Activities:

The belief that the training activity is the most important investment for the company in its human resources . MANAR MISR PETROLEUM had planned to develop the human resources to face the training needs in order to prepare employees capable of meeting the challanges and keep pace with the demands of the time needs ,using all the traditional ,modern and advanced training methods.

The Training Activity in El Manar is Diviver to
  • Decentralized Training
  • Central Training
  • Research and Development of the Training Programs