Quality and Enviromental Managment Systems

Through misr petroleum company's efforts to continue applying the standard specifications related to the company activities and applying an integrated management system designed to improve the performance of the company as one of the leading marketing companies in the Middle East.

The company applicants the following systems

  • Quality management system"QMS" ISO 9001
  • Environmental management system." EMS" ISO 14001
  • Occupational health & safety OHSAS18001

ISO "stands for the international standardization organization, and international standards were established in 1947 and based in Geneva." And thus Misr Petroleum Company in the early Egyptian petroleum companies, which possess such a package of certificates of quality management and environmental and occupational health and safety and the company's XI at the level of the Republic (according to the classifications of the website of the specifications and quality of the Egyptian Ministry of Industry in 2003 and, if we take into account the geographical breadth of the company and which covers all areas of the Republic compared with other companies we will find that misr petroleum over the uniqueness of this achievement oil for the first time in Egypt, which enabled it to activate the application of international standards and in different places and activities separated by hundreds of kilometers.

  • And, more recently, the company obtained the Ph of quality and safety of the facility in Port Said port in accordance with the timings set by the sovereigns.
  • Different management systems represented the highest degree of regulation to control the work within the facilities, in the sense that it is in itself the goal must be to seek to apply regardless of the access to the certificates or not.
  • Obtaining the certificates is the goal of a phased and subsequent to the effective implementation of the system and the primary objective of obtaining the certificates; it could be addressed through the following points:

Demonstrate to a third party that the company has an effective system of quality and not a non-system, thus improving the image of the company and senior management and the raising of the level of awareness among workers of those systems related to their business.

Requirement of the certificate to the other hand, in order to maintain or gain access to material or moral, for example:
The requirement of the Supreme Council of the ports on the need for some places, under a system of ISO certificates and some airlines need to the quality system certificate ISO 9001
As for the tools provided by a group of systems that monitor the company's vulnerabilities and analyze the results of periodic inspections, there is no room for listed.
All companies, especially in the field of oil and gas, the Middle East and around the world have the systems and the ISO certification in conformity with international.

Quality management system"QMS" ISO 9001

Dealing with the system and the establishment of a system of all documented processes and work instructions and the establishment of the company's policy reflects the objectives and activities, and thus aimed at a comprehensive framework of action to make the product / service in conformity with the requirements of customers, and certainly not understood, the application will be the responsibility of those who have direct contact with the client, but also includes all the company departments with a direct impact and indirect that the entire system will be under constant scrutiny and effective, as detailed in the international standards.

Environmental management system." EMS" ISO 14001

Dealing with environmental management system environmental management system EMS
Controls and the development of means to reduce adverse impacts on the environment and which arise from the activities of the company and include solid and liquid waste and gaseous emissions as well as the system is a comprehensive framework and through which the activation of the company's environmental policy and the development of plans and goals and achieve them in line with the laws and legislations issued by the competent authorities and specifications thus contribute to the preparation of the standard of reference for the definition and control and monitor the phenomena and the environmental impacts resulting from the different and various activities within the company and then reduce the harmful effects on the environment and what it represents from the company and cause Waste of resources harm the surrounding environment, which may have adverse effects on society as a whole.

Occupational health & safety OHSAS18001

The aim of the management system of occupational health and safety OHSAS controls and to develop means to ensure the protection and preservation of the production elements and assets of the company in the forefront and most important is the human element and thus is a comprehensive framework to control and reduce risks to ensure the work environment for employees and clients of the company. And so it is covering the company's specifications for the definition and limitation, and control risks associated with the work environment and work procedures that include regular and emergency situations and unusual is what is of great importance for the prevention / reduction of the risk / accidents which may occur and have a significant impact the entity and individuals, installations, machinery and all factors of production within the company and any points associated with the company's nearby
It should be noted that the system of Misr Petroleum Company is the largest oil companies in Egypt, where only the quality system includes more than 1660 and a list of instructions distributed to the work of officials in the 264 position and other than that Systems in addition to the environment and occupational health and safety and in accordance with the Annex.

... And following the process of effective implementation of systems to obtain international certificates of conformity and that have taken place since 2003 and is still continuing through the point of international donations BUREAU VERITAS, and the certificates are subject to regular inspections In order to ensure continuity of work in accordance with the criteria.