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 VLSFO availability

Misr Petroleum officially announcement for: VLSFO availability at Zeitiyat Depot / Suez Port

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 45 Years Passed Since Misr Petroleum Company Incorporation

8th of April is the anniversary of passing 45 years since the incorporation of Misr petroleum company. Many years and Misr Petroleum Company is gaining achievements and success through an integrating working system Leadership and distinguish is the product of the company successive hard workers generations and their Insistence and determination to continue the company's leader position forefront the marketing petroleum companies in Egypt.

 The Latest Improved Aviation Station Opening Taba`s new Station

As a prove of Misr petroleum company leadership position in all the petroleum activities, and regarding to the petroleum sector policy in aircraft aviation field, the company has opened the latest improved aircraft aviation station in Taba Airport. The station is improved with the lasted developed technology and systems to keep up with the international qualifications. The station compass was increased to be 4800 m2, and the storage capacity to become 8000 m3, also a new warehouse has been established with a capacity of seven pumps The entire achievements conceders as continuing step of the developing circle in all the company's fields and position.